Wednesday, 29 February 2012

"Khelo front foot pe! I am liking this slogan!" writes Superfan Anu

In life, the only thing that is equal is the number of hours in a day. Some wise man said that, I didn’t. However, on Monday, being a part of the Delhi Daredevils super fans, I found my motivation going through the roof. I was in exceptional company. My peers Arjun Vajpai, Reena Kaushal Dharmasaktu and Arun Bhardwaj are in a league of their own. I have a lot to learn from each one of them and also from the team itself. 
I am not a big TV fan, I don’t have a TV at home. If you asked me about the news or even the latest fashion trends (given that I am extremely fashionable) I wouldn’t be able to tell you. As for cricket, like tennis, it’s a big-money sport and here to stay. Every country has its big money sport. In New Zealand its rugby and the Black Caps (national rugby team), in the USA its every major league sport (baseball, basketball and American football come to mind) and in Europe probably tennis and cycling.
I have no blanket statements to make, I believe every professional sportsperson has the same set of challenges. Managing time, adversity, mental makeup, funding and most of all the desire to compete at our damndest best. Is cricket overdone in India? I think so. But then, rugby is overdone in New Zealand. Thus, there is no use in debating the fine-points. 
What we can debate is the quality of players and after reading up on the Delhi Daredevils team and following the triseries that India is currently playing, I must say that I was very impressed with the pressure these chaps are under, day in and day out. In some ways, triathletes overthink travel, rest, etc. But, every sport has some takeaways and I believe there are lessons to be learned about professionalism and performance when the odds are not so good. 
So, the Daredevils are at the bottom of the bracket right now. However, in picking some off-beat endurance sport enthusiasts, I believe the team is sending the message that it ain’t over till the bell rings. 
In the past two years, my personal journey through sport has taken a few turns, ups, downs and sine-wavy meanders. However, I have persisted. Even in my lowest moments, I have felt the sun shining on my back from all my long runs in countries where fresh-air and freedom to cycle without fear could be taken for granted. 
In saying that, I believe even more firmly than before that India has been the most incredible supporter of our achievements. I believe the tide is changing for the better for the fringe sports. 
Additionally, I think true Daredevilry implies living life on the OFFENSIVE, not crouching in some corner apologizing for your talents and your dreams. Yes, most of them are the size of mountains most never imagine possible scaling but, that’s the beauty of life.. unless its too much, how will you run freely and pursue the ultimate calling? That is food for thought! 
I am eagerly looking forward to being a great brand champion and looking at this as a new lease on my own life in sport. Khelo front foot pe! I am liking this slogan!
The piece appears on Anu Vaidyanathan's website

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